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How The Process Works

Our mobile home foundation inspection is designed to assess if the home can pass FHA, VA and USDA requirements as specified in the HUD permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Housing, September 1996. 

For conventional loans, our moble home foundation inspection on TDHCA guidelines as specified in Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing, December 2012.

FHA Requirements

Anchors and Straps

FHA loans for mobile homes are very common due to low down payment and for those with a less than stellar credit score. FHA being a government loan type has very strict requirements for mobile homes to pass for FHA compliance.  Here is a list of requirements and photo examples outlined in our inspections -

Anchors and Straps Requirements

To avoid corrision, galvanized anchors should be used for vertical or transverse anchors.  Longitudinal stabilizing devices (LSDs) must be in poured concrete to meet guidelines.  Any type of pan system not poured in concrete will not pass for longtiduinal support. 

Piers Under Home

Blocks must be straight and without signs of distress.  Any cracked blocks must be replaced.  Either a concrete pad or state approved pads are allowed.  Any blocks over 36 inches must be double stacked.  Corner piers over 24 inches must also be double stacked.  Pressure treated wood is required with no more than 4 inches of wood stacked on pier.

Decks and Handrails

Any porch landings or steps more than 30 inches tall, FHA require a handrail with vertical supports.  The steps need to be attached to 4x4 inch posts that are secured to the ground.  Steps need handrails or ballisters on one side. 

Skirting Requirements

These are the most common issues - The skirting must be in tact, permanently braced and vermin proof.  No wood to ground contact.  No holes larger than 1 square inch.  Skirting must have 1 vent for every 150 square feet. 

Conventional loans do not require damaged skirting to be replaced.

Drainage and Grading

The home should have a 5 to 1 grade coming off the edge of the home so that water drains away from the home.  There should not be pooling or runoff under the home.  
Axles and Tongues

Axles must be detached, tongues must be cut and detached.