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Mobile Home Leveling Service

Affordable Mobile Home Leveling Services For Texas, Florida & Oklahoma Home Owners. Retrofit Foundation and Re-Leveling Services Also Available.

We Currently Have a Special Discounted $2,599 Service Fee For Retrofit Home Foundation Systems; Contact Us For More Details!

manufactured and mobile home leveling services in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida

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mobile home leveling service

Efficient Mobile Home Leveling

When it comes to comprehensive mobile home leveling service and foundation repair solutions, you can depend on Top Notch Mobile Home Services. With offices in Fort Worth, TX, Houston, TX, Waco, TX, Chelsea, OK and Leesburg, FL we are guaranteed to have mobile or manufactured home service coverage near you in Texas, Florida or Oklahoma. 

Trust us to provide the most competent mobile home re-leveling services and repairs, which are geared towards enhancing the value of your home. We are the highest ranked mobile home leveling company in Texas.

All of our manufactured home foundation services come with our iron-clad quality guarantee backed by a one-year warranty. We won’t quit until your manufactured or mobile home is leveled and your problems related to the foundation are resolved to your satisfaction.  

Already leveled your mobile home before? We can help with mobile home re leveling and make sure it gets done right the second time!

Get Comprehensive & Licensed Home Leveling Services

Mobile home leveling can be applied to all types of mobile, manufactured and pier & beam homes. We offer a free estimate and a one-year warranty for this particular service. Call us today for further details and pricing information. Our complete manufactured home leveling services cover re-leveling and leveling solutions. 

Our mobile home leveling is done with a water level, jacks, and permanent shims or concrete blocks to keep your home leveled for the long term. We provide extended warranties too for leveling and re-leveling services completed under contract.

With our comprehensive services, these are just some of the problems we can help when we arrive on site to level your mobile home with our licensed contractor professionals:

Why Is It Essential To Level Your Mobile Home?

Having a mobile home requires some essential care and maintenance, which includes leveling your mobile home when you notice the foundation beginning to shift. This process involves the use of special hydraulic jacks which raise the mobile home up and then supports and secures it at a level position. A mobile home should be leveled regularly, sometimes as often as annually depending where you live. This is vital to protect the foundation of the mobile home from shifting and moving over the years.

Leveling Your Home Can Prevent Serious Damage

Mobile homes that are not kept level can lead to serious damage as walls become misaligned, windows break or glass chips out, and water may even seep in through roof/eave cracks. When you level your mobile home, you help to prevent these issues. However, if these problems already occurred, you will need to also hire a mobile home repair service. Don’t wait to level your manufactured home! Leveling a mobile home is essential for preserving it for your family to live in over the years to come, and should not be put off. A mobile home that lost its proper level can also lead to skirting damage. If you have damaged mobile home skirting, we have a comprehensive mobile home skirting repair service that only takes 1-3 days to complete repairs!

Can't I Re-Level My Mobile Home Foundation Myself?

Leveling a mobile home foundation yourself is possible, but carries with it a lot of potential risk. Improperly doing mobile home re leveling can result in damaged floor systems, plumbing and infrastructure damage, as well as cause further structural problems down the road. Homeowners who decide to re-level their own mobile home also run the risk of using the wrong equipment, introducing extra stress to the mobile home’s frame, or even causing potential injury.

Avoid The Risks Of a "DIY" Home Leveling Approach

It’s important for mobile home owners to be aware of the dangers that come with attempting their own mobile home re leveling without professional help. Without proper preparation and adequate experience in mobile home re leveling, the dangers posed by improper leveling become more serious. Leveling mobile homes incorrectly can potentially cost you $1,000s of dollars in damages, reduce the resale potential of your home, and just generally give you a long-term headache!

Our experienced manufactured homes technicians have access to the professional tools and methods necessary to safely complete your mobile home re leveling and avoid these unnecessary risks.

We Can Retrofit a Mobile Home in Texas, Oklahoma or Florida

An FHA loan requirement, mobile home retrofitting provides a system concreted into the ground to level mobile homes. This is possible even with unleveled ground underneath mobile homes. Retrofitting a mobile home allows you to connect your frame to concrete to fulfill requirements by FHA and other loan services. We use tie downs and metal anchors, and ensure everything is done to industry standard. While you need to check with your loan provider, it is typically the case that a retrofit foundation is required for mobile and manufactured homes. 

Our Foundation Retrofits Can Meet FHA Home Loan Standards

For the retrofit to meet FHA standards, it needs to be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and any federal, state, or local building codes or ordinances. When retrofitting is complete, it must include enough supports and reinforcements that allow for adequate loading and lateral pressures of the existing soil and future mobile home weight loads.

Steel anchors must also be placed in a reinforcing pattern around the perimeter of the retrofitted area. These retrofitting efforts will ensure all FHA loan criteria are met so that, hopefully, the mobile home loan can be approved! 

As part of our commitment to providing better pricing, we are currently offering a special $2,599 service fee on our mobile home retrofit systems. This complete retrofit service can be applied to all types of mobile and manufactured homes and comes with a five-year warranty. 

We Back All Our Home Leveling & Retrofit Work With Warranties

You don’t need to worry about risking your hard-earned cash on some fly-by-night manufactured home re leveling service or retrofit contractor. Top Notch Mobile Home Services is the real deal. We’ve been serving hundreds of customers in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida for years, covering foundation services for single wides, double wides, new home installs and even mobile home re leveling for older homes. We ALWAYS back up our work with a minimum one-year industry standard warranty. That means you can contact us for up to a year afterwards if something happens with your foundation leveling as a result of our work, and we’ll be there to help. 

Request a Consultation and Estimate Today

Contact us today for one the best home leveling services available in the manufactured home industry. 

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